Solenoid Operated Diverters

Product Code: Solenoid Operated Diverters




 Solenoid valves use magnetic fields to control flow, pressure, or direction by creating mechanical push and pull functions.

They are highly reliable and tend to have a longer service life than other options, making them the preferred valve in a number of applications. They are also highly sought after because of their small size, but also their incredibly fast response time. Their simplicity is also an advantage as it means easy installation and maintenance.

Overall, solenoid valves are an excellent choice, and at Ranger Caradoc, we offer some of the best quality units on the market, including the CETOP 3 (NG6) and CETOP 5 (NG10) valves.

If you aren’t certain whether a solenoid valve is the right option for your needs, give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you.  


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