Vane Pumps

Product Code: Vane Pumps




Vane pumps feature sliding rectangular vanes that slot into a circular rotor. The rotor is supported in a cycloidal cam. During rotation, the vanes are compressed against the walls of the housing, which creates suction.

These types of pumps tend to be used in lower pressure applications. They can compensate for wear as the vanes extend outwards, meaning performance won’t suffer. They can also run dry for a short period of time, reducing the likelihood of a failure.

Ranger Caradoc offers high quality vane pumps for any application. If you need help in selecting the right pump for your needs, please contact us and our experts will be more than happy to assist you.

  • Designed with a hydraulic balance device to prevent internal bearing radial load and obtain a longer life.
  • Automatically control the axis gap to obtain a high volume efficiency.
  • Lower cost, lower noise & larger volume than equivalent pumps.
  • The cartridge kit can be replaced within a few minutes for ease of maintainance.


All Ranger Caradoc pumps are manufactured to the highest specification from the best tried-and-tested materials sources and extends to include single, tandem, and displacement piston pumps, swashplate and vane pumps for working pressures up to 250 bar and flow rates up to 250 litres per minute.


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