Axial Piston Pumps

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Piston pumps are a good option where higher pressure ratings are a necessity. The design of these pumps also ensures that displacement adjustment is incredibly efficient.

Piston pumps are amazingly versatile and allow for a high level of control. Due to the higher complexity of their construction, these pumps tend to require a larger investment than a gear pump, for example, but if a higher pressure and efficient control over flow is required, then there is no better option.

At Ranger Caradoc, you can find both radial and axial piston pumps featuring a wide range of pressure ratings. We only offer the best quality pumps, ensuring that your system performs optimally.

Radial piston pumps feature pistons positioned radially around a drive shaft, which make them the best option for very high power applications.

Axial piston pumps feature pistons arranged in a cylinder block and are driven by an angled swashplate, which offers highly efficient levels of control over flow.

If you aren’t sure which pump suits your needs best, don’t hesitate to get in touch and our team of experts will be more than happy to help.

  • Combining special internal designs and strict engineering disciplines has reduced noise level to now lows in whole pressure zones.
  • Depending on a variety of application needs multiple optional unique control methods are available. It does not only reduce a number of unnecessary hoses, pipes and control valves but also increases efficiency and save horsepower, and cost.
  • Less capacity reservoirs can be selected and applied because of performances of low pressure loss and less head generation.
  • Wide application ranges; it is very suitable for machines tools, plastic injection molding machines, forging machines and other industrial machines ect.
  • Mounting flanges are made to SAE A or B 2-bolt (15V, 18, 23, 38 types) and SAE-C 2 & 4-blot (50V, V70 types).


All Ranger Caradoc pumps are manufactured to the highest specification from the best tried-and-tested materials sources and extends to include single, tandem, and displacement piston pumps, swashplate and vane pumps for working pressures up to 250 bar and flow rates up to 250 litres per minute.


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