Hand Pumps - RHCC Compact

Product Code: Hand Pumps - RHCC Compact




This versatile single acting hand pump is available in two forms and is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications. The standard unit has one outlet port and is used for operating single acting cylinders. In addition, a diverter valve and extra outlet port can be incorporated to enable double acting cylinders to be operated.

Technical Details

RHCC/CP/SAF - 1.8Ltr Tank - Single Acting... Displacments Per Stroke - 8.5 cc. Working Press/Bar - 280.

RHCC/CP/DAF - 1.8 Ltr Tank - Single Acting C/w Diverter... Displacements Per Stroke - 8.5 cc. Working Press/Bar - 280

Load On 600mm Long Handle At Working Pressure - 56 Kgf

Reservoir Capacity - 1.8 Ltr

Delivery Port - 1/4" BSP

Construction - Steel


Ranger Caradoc's impressive in0house stock extends to include hand-pumps for virtually every application - right up to 350 bar and 45cc output per stroke. Included in the versatile, all-embracing range are side or top-acting variants with or without diverter valve for single or double-acting cylinders.


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