Hydraulic Motors

Theoretically, hydraulic motors are identical to pumps, except that where pumps convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, motors convert hydraulic energy into angular displacement and torque.

So, while conceptually they should be interchangeable, in practice, it’s not possible because pumps cannot be back driven. Additionally, motors tend to be designed to have working pressure on both sides rather than just at the outlet.

In terms of types, though, the inner workings of motors are practically identical to hydraulic pumps. Thus, there are gear and vane motors, gyrator motors, as well as axial and radial piston motors.

Ranger Caradoc supplies a comprehensive range of hydraulic motors capable of generating power up to 140 daNm of torque with speeds starting from 10 rpm up to 400 rpm. Regardless of the type of motor you require, you can be certain you will find whatever you need at Ranger Caradoc. 

The type of motor will depend on the application, and since there are so many factors to consider, professional advice from a hydraulic expert is often the key to the success of a project.

The Ranger Caradoc team of experienced engineers can work with you to determine the best hydraulic motor design and power for your needs. Get in touch to find out more.



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