Low Speed/Hi Torque Motors

Product Code: Low Speed/Hi Torque Motors




Actuating the brake level, the brake shaft is turned. The rectangular shape of the inner part of this shaft forces the brake pads to be pressed against the brake drum. This brakes the wheel or the winch drum. Releasing the level, the spring pull it and the brake pads back to the initial position. The motor output shaft is released. Minimum angle adjustment is 10°. It can be adjusted by dismantling the level. Depending on the application, you can choose the acuating direction of the brake level. The rod connection acuating the brake should be capable of moving at last 25mm from neutral to extreme position.


Ranger Caradoc high torque, low-speed motors have been the number one choice of machinery manufacturers for more than twenty years. Motors are specifically designed to give maximum torque on starting and to maintain shaft speed at maximum during even the most arduous operations. And the range - which also includes a wide, wide choice of compatible reduction gearboxes - is versatile, with full interchangeability with Danfoss, Charlyn, White, Adan, Sam, Cross and TRW motors.


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