Our Brands

At Ranger Caradoc, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible products and services, ensuring the success of our customers’ projects, which is why every supplier is thoroughly vetted before we even consider working with them. Thanks to our extensive experience and depth of knowledge, we know who can deliver on their promises and who is nothing more than talk.

And that is a guarantee from us at Ranger Caradoc – all the components we don’t manufacture ourselves are sourced from the best and most well-known brands in the industry with a proven track record of creating outstanding products that meet our very stringent and high quality standards.


CBF is based in Italy and has been manufacturing hydraulic valves for over three decades. With a focus on innovation, the company is continuously investing in research and development to improve their products and provide outstanding and highly effective solutions for their customers.

Featuring a manufacturing facility that spans 3,000 square metres with cutting-edge equipment, CBF produces top quality hydraulic valves in large quantities.


Oleodinamica AMI was founded in 1959 and started out as a manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders. However, a few years later, the company started specialising in hydraulic control valves.

Committed to meeting the highest possible standards in terms of quality and functionality, the company uses cutting-edge technology to manufacture reliable, durable, high-performance valves that exceed customer expectations.


Dofluid is the leader of servo control technology in Asia. Established in 1976 in Taiwan, the company has become the top international manufacturer and seller for directional valves and proportional directional, pressure, flow control valves. They produce over 100,000 units per month.

The company’s manufacturing facility spans over 7,000 square meters and is fully equipped with the latest technology, including CNC lathes with auto robotic arm systems, CNC machining centres, precision honing machines, CNC grinding machines and custom equipment.

Thus, Dofluid manufacture some of the best valves currently on the market and more than meet our rigorous quality standards, which is why they are one of our preferred suppliers.


Rexroth was founded in the 1920s but is now part of the Bosch Group. Thus, Bosch Rexroth helps support mechanical and plant engineering endeavours all over the world, including Ranger Caradoc customers, with their cutting-edge, top quality technology.

Constantly innovating and developing safe, resource-friendly technology, Rexroth can always be relied on to deliver the best products in the market. Some of the products we source from this global leading hydraulics company include:

  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Motors
  • A variety of valves
  • Manifolds and plates

As can be expected from a Bosch company, they constantly exceed our expectations in terms of quality and reliability, which is why we have been working with them for so long.


Technokit was founded in 2005 in Italy with the mission of giving life to even the most complex idea they can come up with. Or that their customers can envision.


Dowty pumps have a colourful history considering that several different companies have manufactured them since the original producer went out of business. Currently, they are being produced by Parker Gear Pumps, whom we work with to supply the Dowty pumps you know and trust.

The Ranger Caradoc team can also help you by finding a more modern replacement pump with as little re-engineering as possible. Get in touch and let’s work together to find the best solution for your issue, because whether it’s to source a replacement pump or to redesign the system to work with a more easily available commercial part, we can deliver.


Sundstrand Machine Tools was founded in 1946 and later became Sunsdtrand Corporation. In 1987, a joint venture was established between the company and Sauer Gertriebe, resulting in the Sauer-Sundstrand company, which went public in 1998.

In 2000, Sauer-Sundstrand and Danfoss Fluid Power A/S merged, resulting in the business known as Sauer-Danfoss. In 2010, the structure of the company was changed, which involved creating three new brands:

  • Turolla focused on the design and manufacture of open circuit gear pumps and motors
  • Comatrol focused on the design and manufacture of cartridge valves and HICs
  • Shwarzmuller-Inverter focused on the design and manufacture of electric inverter products  

In 2011, Sauer-Danfoss created Valmova, which manufactures directional control valves. Currently, all four brands are owned and operated by Danfoss.


Danfoss is one of the biggest companies in the mobile hydraulics industry and are known for their cutting-edge, top quality products. The company designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of hydraulic and electronic parts, including mobile electronics, orbital motors, hydrostatic transmissions, steering components and more.

With over 20 engineering and manufacturing facilities in the world, Danfoss is capable of fulfilling even the largest orders quickly and efficiently. Some of the components we source from Danfoss include:

  • Their highly durable, efficient and reliable orbital motors
  • Piston pumps and motors featuring capacities of up to 250cc/rev
  • Proportional valves that have an almost infinite amount of configurations resulting in smooth machine control

As one of the top companies in the field, at Ranger Caradoc, we know that we can always rely on Danfoss to help us meet and exceed all our customers’ expectations through outstanding and reliable products that deliver.


LoSi Group is a family-owned business that was founded in 1982 in Germany. All LoSi components are top quality and offer consistent performance, regardless of the application. Furthermore, they manufacture hydraulic units for the OEM market, meaning that they work with most brands. They also constantly have significant inventory levels, ensuring a quick response time regardless of the requirements.

The company also has a subsidiary in the UK and their experience along with their extensive product range make them one of Ranger Caradoc’s preferred partners.


Oleodinamica Borelli was founded in 1968 by Mr. Claudio Borelli in Italy. Mr. Borelli still runs the company, ensuring that all products meet highly stringent quality standards. He prides himself on attention to detail, ensuring that everything is outstanding, from the quality of the materials used to the care with which the components are produced.

Borelli manufactures a wide range of hydraulic components, including mechanical and electromagnetic couplings, supports, over-gears and speed reducers. However, the company is more than happy to manufacture parts on demand for any special requirements.

RP Tech

RP Tech is a manufacturer of hydraulic components based in Italy. Their range of products include couplings, pumps, connectors, tanks, power packs, bellhousings flanges, filtration systems, accessories and more. They also produce custom components based on customer specifications.

MP Filtri

MP Filtri Hydraulics has more than four decades of experience in the field, during which time they have grown to be one of the leading manufacturers in hydraulic filtration. They have an extensive product range that can satisfy the needs of any customer, regardless of the industry they operate in. Furthermore, if they don’t already manufacture it, the company prides itself on being able to fulfil even the most special customer requirements, no matter how “far” from standard the end product is.

MP Filtri designs and manufactures a massive range of hydraulic filters, but also has a comprehensive offering of power transmission parts and accessories for hydraulic power units.


FBN Filtri specialises in manufacturing a wide range of filters for a variety of industrial applications. They manufacture for both the OEM market as well as aftermarket products.

Founded in the early 1960s in Novellara, Italy, the company has grown to become one of the most respected and well-known manufacturers of industrial filters in the world. Their dedication to quality and their cutting-edge technology ensure that their products are some of the best on the market, guaranteed to deliver outstanding performance.


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