Gear Pumps

Product Code: Gear Pumps & Gear Motors




Gear pumps feature a simple design. They rely on rotating sequential or interlocking gears to push the fluid through and create pressure. With few moving parts, these pumps tend to be durable but also cost-effective.

They are also less susceptible to catastrophic failure than other pump designs. Instead, gear pumps tend to lose volumetric efficiency gradually as the teeth on the gears wear down, which starts to occur long before the pump will give out completely.

At Ranger Caradoc, we offer high quality gear pumps featuring a wide range of displacement sizes and output pressures, making them suitable for an extensive number of applications.  

Ranger Caradoc high torque, low-speed motors have been the number one choice of machinery manufacturers for more than twenty years. Motors are specifically designed to give maximum torque on starting and to maintain shaft speed at maximum during even the most arduous operations. And the range - which also includes a wide, wide choice of compatible reduction gearboxes - is versatile, with full interchangeability with Danfoss, Charlyn, White, Adan, Sam, Cross and TRW motors.

All Ranger Caradoc pumps are manufactured to the highest specification from the best tried-and-tested materials sources and extends to include single, tandem, and displacement piston pumps, swashplate and vane pumps for working pressures up to 250 bar and flow rates up to 250 litres per minute.


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