Circuit Valves

Ranger Caradoc offers a comprehensive range of valves to create even the most complex hydraulic circuits. Thus, our offering includes relief, sequencer, check, pressure reducing, priority, flow and speed control, shuttle, crossline ball and diverter control valves.

Each of these valves is a critical component in a hydraulic circuit, and a tiny error can lead to significant losses. Our product range includes the best quality valves on the market, ensuring a high level of performance.

Furthermore, our team of highly experienced engineers can work with you to determine the best type of valve for your needs. We can not only help you identify the right valve to make the necessary replacements for a repair, but we can also work with you to ensure the design of a new circuit is as efficient as possible and that you are using the right valves for maximum efficiency and safety.  



The Buyer's Guide To Hydraulic Cylinders

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