more than just a part number

Ranger Caradoc's expertise in the hydraulic field has enabled them to work with world renowned original equipment manufacturers who are all prepared to vouch for the companies ability to deliver products to the highest quality, specification, on time and at the right price.

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Hydraulic System Design

Reliable, quality hydraulics systems are essential to keep your machinery running at peak efficiency. Poorly designed systems or sub-par hydraulics components will lead to higher operating costs and lost income due to downtime, which is why working with an experienced hydraulics specialist is essential.

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Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders play a vital role in a wide range of applications and in many fields, from construction and automotive to aerospace and manufacturing, but also in entertainment. Where linear pressure is needed, a hydraulic cylinder is there to take the weight.

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Custom Hydraulic Kits

The Ranger Caradoc team specialises in integrated hydraulic systems, meaning we are far more than a supplier of hydraulic components. In fact, our strength lies in our expertise and experience in designing bespoke full-fledged hydraulic solutions for our customers.

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Hydraulic Pumps

Though every element in a hydraulic circuit is essential, the hydraulic pump is where it all starts. Without a hydraulic pump to create flow and pressure, all you’ve got is a very pretty paperweight.

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Hydraulic Power Packs

Hydraulic power packs are a vital piece of equipment for a wide range of machines in many industries. Hydraulic power packs enable us to use the power of hydraulics in a far wider range of applications than before.

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Everyone talks about pumps, motors, tanks, valves and so on, but without all the accessories, you will never have a complete hydraulic system with a clean and uninterrupted supply of fluid.

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The Buyer's Guide To Hydraulic Cylinders

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